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    CE Round Body Commercial Poffertjes Grill Making Machine TT-WE2213G

    CE Round Body Commercial Poffertjes Grill Making Machine TT-WE2213G

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    Size: 395x395x165 MM

    Power: 3 KW

    Voltage: 220V/110V

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    The commercial poffertjes grill waffle maker is for making delicious poffertjes grill. This kind of waffle made by our poffertjes grill waffle maker like the macaron, small and easy taking muffins. A great number of people eat it for breakfast, dessert or snake, it is very popular in café, snake store all over the world.

    How to use Twothousand commercial poffertjes grill waffle maker?
    Using the planetary mixer to make the batter, brush some oil in the pan, pour the battle in the pan, close the cover, select the temperature and time (usually 3-5 minutes), then you can get 50 PCS poffertjes grill waffle. This kind of machine has 2 set temperature selection and timer, the left and the right is separate control, you also can make 25 PCS a time if you do not need too much.

    Model: TT-WE2213G
    Waffle Size: 45x45x10 MM
    Baking Cycle: 3-5 Minutes
    Power: 3 KW
    Voltage: 220V/110V
    Material: #201 Stainless Steel
    Weight: 15 KG
    Size: 395x395x165 MM

    Our commercial poffertjes grill waffle maker is the non-stick pan, it is the single head, if the poffertjes grill waffle finished, you should take it out directly. It has a long life because of the durable material, stainless steel. It will get 50 PCS a time, it will take customers little time in waiting. You can use two combines into one, add some cream or other delicious food in it that like Macaron.
    We have more than 17 years’ experience in making waffle maker, we provided the best quality, price, service for you. Our machine has a one-year warranty, we will offer the accessories for free for you if there are not man-made damage during the warranty time.