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    Commercial Griddles

    Getting a commercial griddle for your commercial kitchen, you’ll be able to make delicious foods without taking up space on your place. And it can help to make a variety of foods, including pancakes, scrambled eggs, burgers, and cheesesteaks. So, it is ideal for your food truck, concession stand, diner, or restaurant.

    Countertop griddle from Twothousand Machinery are compact in size and fit perfectly on your table, chef base, or equipment stand, which is ideal for any sized kitchen. Most of these griddles are equipped with four sturdy legs that elevate them off countertops for easy cleaning, and some items even feature undershelves for additional storage space. Independent controls and versatile functions allow you to customize this machine to meet your needs, besides, the polished steel construction is both durable and easy to clean.

    Twothousand Machinery supply professional griddles and offer the best choice to meet all of your food service supply needs. Make sure you’ll check out more information about machines on our website and contact us if you need it.

    You can choose commercial electric griddle or gas griddle based on its plate size, depending on your low- or high-volume needs. Plus, you can also choose your commercial tabletop griddle from Twothousand Machinery based on its control type. Some models with thermostatic controls that allow you to choose an exact temperature, which is perfect for cooking delicate items like eggs. And other models come with manual controls, which can set to general high, medium, and low settings.

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