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    Commercial Grills

    Commercial grills from Twothousand machinery can outfit your foodservice establishment so that you can prepare a kind of foods for your stop. It is widely used in different places, such as barbecue stop, restaurant, kitchen and so on. We offer the high quality and high efficiency commercial electric grill, gas char grills, cuttlefish ball grills, electric salamander grills, gas salamander grills for you to select. That always one suitable for you.

    The charbroiler Grill from Twothousand machinery are made of durable material, is attractive, easy to clean and maintain, do not easily rust and work stable, you can get high profit from it so that is the smart choice for you to choose our barbecue grill. You can use this machine to make different food, such as corn, meat, vegetable and so on. Using the commercial grills to make various food, that can attract more customers and keep your customers.

    The commercial char broiled owing one-year warranty time. Once you have any question about our countertop charbroiler, do not worry about do not how to use it because you will get the video technical support from Twothousand machinery. We will serve with our heart so that you will get the best after-service and professional guidance. We have more than 18 years in manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for export, one of the machines is grill barbecue, what we offer are in the top quality.

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    Need Help?

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