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    Commercial Mixers

    Twothousand Machinery®, placed among the top planetary mixer manufacturers, offers an array of mixers to satisfy different needs. From table top mixers to commercial food mixers, we offer a host of choices to customers. Our mixers, with strong body construction, enhancement accessories, imported parts, and lifetime after-sales service and technical support, promise remarkable high efficiency and excellent work performance, whether the task is mixing, whipping or beating. The mixers are designed to add a colorful flair where they are used.

    Available food mixers: M series mixer (brand new series), K series mixer, F series mixer, L series mixer. Please view product specs on item detail pages.

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    Why Buy a Planetary Mixer from Twothousand?

    Since inception in the year 2000, Twothousand Machinery® is counted among the most trusted planetary mixer manufacturers in China. We strive to make our products betters by continually employing innovations in their design and features. Most of our products are CE approved and come with a lifetime service warranty. We provide the most reliable and customized project solution to you, also include OEM & ODM. Our motto: Strive for the best, being meticulous, speaks volumes about our commitment to offer specialized products to our customers.

    To Our Dear Customers

    Are you are looking to buy high quality kitchen equipment? Are you searching for a trustworthy supplier? Are you tired of bargaining? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place! Don’t waste any more time. Purchase your planetary mixers from now!

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    Need Help?

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