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    Commercial Ranges

    Do you wish to have an electric or gas range for your office and restaurant? These ranges are made of porcelain and pure steel which will increase the durability and long life cycle of the products. You can choose your range from a wide selection facility on our web page. They have difference in terms of color and work function. 

    Twothousand Machinery®, one of the best kitchen equipment suppliers in China, are offering you commercial gas and electric range for your restaurant. Our quality product will satisfy you with their long lasting ability and give you maximum outcomes. For the commercial use of your electric or gas range, you have to rely on a company who can deliver a product with good quality and less consumption of gas and electricity. We assure you that our product will help you with the small rate of consumption of power which will eventually help you reduce the production cost of your restaurant.

    We have a broad collection of restaurant electric range and restaurant gas range. You may choose your product from there. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you may make your order to us. We have good and cheap shipment facility for our international customers. International clients can make the order to us. After you finish with the payment procedure, it is totally our responsibility to send the product to you.

    Commercial gas range is needed for your kitchen to prepare the food in the gas. It is operated by the gas and is movable in the kitchen from one place to another. There must be a place for gas burner, and it can be of two or more lamps depending on the demand of the restaurant.

    Commercial electric range is powered by electricity. It is the most typical range that customers usually look for. We have nice designs of electric range in our collection which is good in quality and perfect finished body which will nicely fit in your restaurant kitchen.

    We take responsibility for your satisfaction. Twothousand Machinery® are one of the best wholesalers in China, it is gradually spreading its name in the whole world. So, if you are willing to get the best quality commercial gas or electric range for your restaurant please make a call to us.

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    Need Help?

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