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    Crepe Machines

    The crepe maker from Twothousand machinery that can craft the wonderful crepe. This crepes machine making features three coiled heating elements under each cast iron cooking surface that provide constant and even heat distribution to your food. We supply the electric crepe maker and gas crepe maker, also have single plate pancake hot plate and double plate hot plate cooking for you to choose from.

    If you want to establish your own small business or get more attractive in your store, this crepe maker and hot plate from Twothousand machinery is a good choice for you to pick. For the reason that it made of the durable material stainless steel and do not easily rust, you can use it for a long time. It is small and simple use, do not occupy too much place, suitable for everyone to use. Plus, making the food quickly the food will not stick on the plate after making, it will not waste the food and save your time and cost. 

    It can make the crepe in a fast time if using the commercial crepe maker machine from Twothousand machinery. We will provide the video technical support for you if you have any questions about how to use it, also can ship the part for you for free, but the premise is not the man-made damage. What is more, the warranty time of the commercial crepe maker machine is 12 months, we will offer the professional after-service for you no matter you are in the warranty time or not.

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    Need Help?

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