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    Dough Dividers Rounders

    Use the dough divider rounder to manually simplify the task of manually splitting and rounding the dough. It can make the dough with uniform weight and shape, which is consistent every time. So this machine is perfect for rolls, tortillas, pizza, bread and more.

    Semi-automatic dough divider rounder and full automatic dough divider rounder, we both sell with reasonable price, each of them can divide and round 10-36 pieces per hatch. The dough divider is composed of Stainless steel blade and ring, high production rate, 10 seconds/batch.

    The other options is hydraulic dough divider that can produce square shape dough but instead of the round shape. It is fitted with a painted steel casing, double seal between the tank and the hydraulic unit. There are so easy to operate and set the overload protection. The head can be tilted for cleaning because it is designed with hygienic facilities in mind.     

    There have more advantages of dough divider rounder that is low noise, hygienic dough indenter, including sanitary round plate, self-lubricating, very durable, and easy to clean. So from all these aspects, this is a good machine you deserve to buy.

    We recommend that customers can choose the dough divider rounder on your demand, because these machine has different type and size on our website. The quality of each machine is guaranteed, that is the reason why many clients will give a good feedback when they used our dough divider. As for you, there is no better choice than this.

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