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    Dough Rollers

    The bread dough moulder machine provides a uniform shape for the dough, which are designed for high speed continuous operation for perfect molding operations. It can create the perfect shape for a variety of dough, including the pizza, bread, bagels, baguettes, rolls, puffs, biscuits, donuts, pastries and any imaginable flour-based cuisine. All in all, our bread dough moulder will expand your bread dough with the most advanced precision and efficiency that can be precisely molded to your needs.

    The bread dough roller machine is made of high quality raw materials, which is corrosion resistant, wear resistant and has high performance. With the support of high technology, the bread machine is very efficient in terms of fuel and energy consumption.

    Compared with hand molding, the bread dough moulder machine saves a lot of ,which is helps to deliver great productivity, flexibility, affordability and quality to your food service organization. Because manually forming the dough is a very time consuming process that can affect the efficiency of the kitchen and the quality of the dough. Whether you need 10 pounds of dough per hour or 1,000 pounds, our dough moulder machine can shape any dough to the exact size you need.

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    1. CE (4)
    Max Dough Sheet Width
    1. 280 mm (1)
    2. 380 mm (2)
    Max Dough Weight
    1. 500 - 1250 G/PC (1)
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    4 Item(s)

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    Set Descending Direction

    4 Item(s)

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    Whether you call it bread dough moulder machine, or bread dough roller, our machines can increase your productivity, save time and costly labor. It’s so easy to operate, owners, chefs and other employees can become proficient without extensive training.

    Our bread dough moulder have always been ahead of the competition, with long warranty times, long life and durability. Choosing Twothousand Machinery is the guarantee for your business.

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