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    Electric Food Warmers

    The commercial food warmers from Twothousand machinery is widely used in the commercial kitchen. It used to keep food warmer and at a good temperature. We have three kinds of food warmer cabinet, the difference between them is the layer and the door, we have 5 layers, 11 layers and 22 layers, also have a single door and double door for you to pick. Additionally, the stainless steel food warmer can move easily because it has the wheel, you can change the position of the food warmer where you want.

    Food warmer cart from Twothousand machinery with hot air convection form and the heating mode is fan air. The heating up speed is fast, even heating, in quick time you will get the warmer food. The bottom of the restaurant warming cabinet placed by the natural evaporation way to keep the food moist. Plus, with the stainless steel of the commercial food warmer carts, not only it has the good-looking, but also it is easy cleaning and does not easily rust.

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    The food warmer cabinet mobile can lengthen food’s fresh life and have a large capacity with low energy consumption, it is suitable for you to have. What is more, Twothousand machinery have more than 18 years experience in manufacturing the commercial kitchen equipment such as the electric food warmer cabinet, we had worked in this field since 2000, so what we will offer you the high-quality machine with acceptable price.

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