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    Food Heat Lamps

    The restaurant heat lamps are for heating the food, keep food warmer. The food heat lamp heated evenly to maximize the taste of the food. The food will not dry and will not overheat due to the food being kept warm, it is energy saving and environmental protection. The food warmer lamp from Twothousand machinery are in high-quality and high-efficiency, it is your best choice to choose from us.

    The light intensity of the heat lamp food warmer from Twothousand machinery can be adjusted depends on the various energy food required. Also, the body of the food warmer lamp can be removable and assembled, if you need to pack it, it will not take too much space. We have 2 to 4 bulbs for you to select. With its durable material, it has a perfect appearance, long lifetime, do not easily rust and easily clean. 

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    The restaurant heat lamps are widely used in everywhere, such as buffet, commercial kitchen, hotel and so on. We are the kitchen equipment distribution in China, choose a food heat lamp and warmer, adjustable heat lamp, food heat warmer at cooking equipment in China, Twothousand machinery suit you most. International shipment service for our machine is available including custom cleaning, shipping space booking, buyer's seaport or warehouse delivery etc. 

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