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    Garlic Ginger Onion Processors

    Supply all kinds of Ginger Slicers, Garlic Cutting Machines, Onion Peeling Machines, Garlic Peeling Machines, Garlic Separators and all of your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    Peeling the garlic will take you a lot of effort but just for a little gain, but if you own the automatic garlic peeling machine from Twothousand machinery, it can greatly reduce much time you take in peeling the cloves of garlic. The garlic skin remover is simple to operate, clean and with a quick peeling speed, you can peel 330-1700 LB garlic per hour. It is suitable for the root vegetables. 

    With the powerful motor of the garlic slices from Twothousand machinery, it works evenly and smoothly for maximum results. You can freely adjust for different thicknesses you needed. It is also easy to clean once finished the peeling. It will make ensure you work in a safe environment due to the sealed box protects of the components of the machine. The body of our garlic peeler is made of high-quality thick material, strong and durable, it's health and safety.

    The garlic skin remover machine from Twothousand machinery is suitable for dry white garlic, red garlic, and garlic effect. It's superb for commercial use, such as restaurants, canteens, hotels and so on. Having one-year warranty time of the machine, we will offer supply the performance guidance for you, so that you do not worry about what if something wrong with the machine.

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