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    Induction Jacket Kettle

    The Induction Jacket Kettle is somewhat similar to that of a double boiler. These kettles can cook a large quantity of food. The kettle is designed with having both the inner and outer wall steel made. People normally use the Induction Jacket Kettle particularly to cook food such as sauce, soup, gravy etc.. These kettles also come in different sizes and you can install it on the fall or wall. These kettles mainly use the steam to cook all the contents inside. Most of them are made from the stainless steel. There are normally two shapes that are available - one is the table top model whereas the other is known as the floor model.

    Induction Jacket Kettle is used by the individuals to cook as well as concentrate the products. You will also find these in many households as the demand for such products is pretty high. As this cooking method is pretty much cost saving, you will also find the usage of such Induction Jacket Kettle in different restaurants.

    Twothousand Machinery® knows the importance of such kitchen appliances and therefore we bring both types of Induction Jacket Kettle for the customers. Customers can check the product by themselves from our site. The product specification is also clearly highlighted in our website so that the end consumer can select a product of his or her choice. We also know the importance of this appliance in the industrial cooking sector and hence we also provide our products in bulk. So, if you are planning to set up your restaurant with a number of steam jacketed kettles, then you also may order from us. We will make sure that the product gets to you completely intact. It is our sole responsibility to deliver you the product in a perfect condition. Hence, you can just sit and relax after placing your order from our website.

    We are not only for our customers in China but also for them who are living overseas. For that group of people, we have the international delivery option which the consumer can pick up for their order to be delivered right at their restaurant or kitchen.

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