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    Kebab Knives

    For use in any commercial kitchen or hotel with different kinds of vertical meat, this kebab slicer is the perfect machine for obtaining good tasty, well-prepared, and consistent slices of meat in few seconds. It can help to make gyros, tacos al pastor, this versatile slicer is a must-have addition for any restaurants.

    Thanks to its power, it is easy to remove the slices of meat from your cut of lamb or other meat in a vertical broiler, or more efficient. For more safer, the kebab slicer is designed with blade protector and overload protection button. So it is not only simple to operate, but also safe and effective. Twothousand Machinery always is professional in manufacturing the products, and make sure the quality and safety of the machine. 

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    This machine is designed with an ergonomic concept, the kebab slicer is made of a lightweight plastic fiber nylon body with a switch button and two round blade. A stainless steel tool holder and orifice plate are trimmed on the front of the item, as well as integrated locking adjustment screws and rings. These two components allow you to customize the cutting experience to any desired thickness.

    If you’re a professional chef, then the kebab slicer is an essential kitchen machine for the thinnest cutter of meat. It makes the tedious task of slicing quickly and easily. Don’t miss the opportunity of getting the kebab slicer for your business, so if you are ready to purchase an electric kebab slicer, check out our website, and just contact us if you feel free.

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