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    Meatball Machines

    Supply all kinds of Meatball Machines, Meatball Makers and all of your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    The meatball machine from Twothousand machinery is generally composed of a meat grinder, a beater, and a molding machine. According to the meat of the meatballs made, the beating is divided into a high-speed beater and a slow beater. Taking pork as an example, clean the meat and take it in the machine. First, it is twisted into pieces by a meat grinder, then beaten into meat, and finally made into a round shape.

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    So many kinds of you love to eat a meatball, such as fish meatball, beef meatball, pork meatball and so on. The fish meatball must be the hardest one to make because it has the thorn. We also offer the fish deboned machine that easy to make the fish meatball and the commercial meatball maker machine. All the machine has a powerful motor, it is easy to make the meatball.

    The meatball machines from Twothousand machinery are in a good quality and high-efficiency. It works stable and do not waste too much time and labor to clean it. Stable, durable and have a long lifetime, it has a low failure rate. It can high production and low yield, based on which type of machine you use, that means it can use for business or private. Compared with the traditional way to make a meatball, it is more quickly to make the meatball, save time and labor. This machine is the best for you to choose from.

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