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    Noodle Machines

    Supply all kinds of Noodle Machines, Noodle Making Machines and all of your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    It is easy to operate, safe and hygienic, and the transmission power is accurate and efficient. It also has the characteristics of lower noise, no vibration, superior performance, etc.

    The function of Twothousand machinery noodle machines is that it works stable, safe and reliable because our machine is in a high efficiency; Having an automatic working system, high efficiency, and good quality; Automatic transmission, automatic section, easy to make noodle, saving labor, cost and your time; Low noise that ensures you work in a quiet environment, long life and a year warranty, during the warranty time, you will have the best guidance. We will ship the part for free for you if there is not the man-made damage; Safe operation, ensured you working in a safe environment; Simple cleaning and will not waste too much dough.

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    We have different capacity for you to choose from, you can select the capacity you need. Also, our machine can make the dumpling wrapper and the noodle, based on the comportment you used and the material you need. It is the best choice for the Noodle shop. You can make based on the customers' needs to make different flavor noodle and the empanadas which will attract more people to your stop and can't lose your customers because of the flavor.

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    Need Help?

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