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    Nuts Peeling Machines

    Supply all kinds of Soak Almond Peelers, Peanut Peeling Machines Dry, Pine Nut Peeling Machines, Soak Broad Bean Peelers, Soak Soybean Peeling Machines and all of your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    The bean peeling machine from Twothousand machinery has wet and dry peeling equipment. It is unique in a high peeling rate and the shelling rate can be up to 98%. It works stable, with high quality and high efficiency, the nuts and skin could be separated automatically. That will save you a host of labor, time and cost. The peanut will not break after peeling, the color and luster of the nut are still bright. It is more convenient than the traditional way to peel.

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    The peanut peeling machine from Twothousand machinery is easy to operate, clean and maintain. You will take low investment, but you can get high profit from it. With the high speed of peeling, it can peel 130KG-600KG per hour. Also, the machine is designed safety, it will not cause any injuries during working so that you are work in a safe workplace. With the stainless-steel material of the machine, it will more corrosion resistant and durable.

    The peanut skin peeling machine from Twothousand machinery is not only suitable for peeling peanut, but also for peeling almond, soybean, cashew nut and so on. With a one-year warranty time of our machine, you do not worry about if there is any question about the machine because you will have the best guidance of how to use it. Additional, this kind of machine is widely used in business, we believed that the peanut peeler is your pick.

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