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    Plate Stacking Trolleys

    Commercial plate stacking trolleys are an important piece in your restaurant’s puzzle, It is the best assistant for every restaurant and hotel. When you worry about there are no space can store your dishes. What if the dishes were accidentally broken? So, you really need a storage device to save space and protect your dishes.

    There is no doubt that our pizza plate trolley is your best choice, 48/84-plate mobile plate rack and 12/48-plate floor-standing plate rack are the most innovative in our company, which is most widely used plate rack at present. It can be used to store 40/80 plates. There has more advantages and functions then you imagine.

    Twothousand commercial pizza plate trolley can hold trays, dishes and flat plates. Besides, you don’t worry about size at all, because it can be adjusted to any size, there are very flexible. Separated columns and rubber granules are made of soft copolymer resin, and this can protect plates from breaking. The separated design provides strengthen support and stability.

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    Non-trace casters with brake of 48/84 -plate rack is non-slip and resistant to oil and water, standing with higher stability and security. The rubber bottom granules of 12/48-plate rack can stick to the floor, standing more stably. With strict sanitary inspection, all materials are environmental-friendly, durable and will do harm.

    Our commercial pizza plate trolley has High-quality swivel caster for stability, which is easy to push and can easily move plates soonest to storage or banquet areas. with dustproof cover, oil and water resistant. The wheel shaft with brake is convenient.

    The durable screw is easy for combination and adjustment. Secured Pin is used for fixing the stand so that the tray can be placed more smoothly.

    All in all, with the efficient working of pizza plate trolley is worth buying for your business. There is always one that meets your needs.

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