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    Reach in Refrigerators

    Storing food is an indispensable process in many catering industries. Refrigerated equipment has also become one of the most important machines in the business community. So, make sure that your operation is reliable refrigerator for commercial use.

    All designed of the reach in refrigerator is for customer’s convenience, and it was built with stainless steel materials and unit features interior shelves, self-closing doors, and an automatic defrost function. The refrigerator relies on environmentally friendly refrigerants that are beneficial not only to you and your customers but also to the environment.

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    Our reach in freezers have the storage flexibility and are designed for your utmost convenience to meet your needs. This equipment uses a stainless-steel door, which has superior corrosion resistance and cleanability and is easier to maintain in daily work. The reach-in refrigerator has a digital temperature control function, so it is easy to operate and monitor, and the design is reasonable then users can easily load and unload products.

    The temperature of the refrigerator can maintain the quality and safety of the food, and the system can be manufactured to extend the service life. Our refrigerated equipment is made in the United States and is designed with environmental awareness, it features shorter running times and lower energy costs. We also provide warranty services.

    Whether it is an application, a demand or a budget, refrigerators have always been the choice of generations in the foodservice industry. What we can offer is to help you create fresh and delicious meals based on safety.

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