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    Refrigerated Sushi Cases

    Sushi Refrigerated Display Case from Twothousand machinery is a kind of fresh-keeping cabinet for sushi display, refrigeration, and fresh-keeping functions. The top and bottom of Sushi display refrigerator are equipped with an evaporator, the cooling speed is fast, and the cabinet temperature is uniform. Plus, the large-area glass display of Sushi cabinet is for clearer to know what inside, the back of the display is light and easy to operate.

    The commercial sushi equipment from Twothousand machinery can stylishly show your refrigerated delicacies. With the contemporary curved glass and the self-contained refrigeration system, it can highlight all your sushi. Additionally, the solid food plates of the sushi display case with a radius groove design, that is ideal for the sushi food. Tabletop Curved Glass Sushi Refrigerated Display Case made of durable material which is easy to clean and hard to rust. You can use it for a long time.

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    Sushi display counter from Twothousand machinery is widely used in cake shops, sushi restaurants, supermarkets, and so on. The sushi cooler case is perfect showcasing your delicious offerings right where your hungry patrons can see them at eye level. What is more, the sushi display counter has three kinds of size for you to choose from, 1200MM, 1500MM and 1800MM, based on your need to pick the sushi showcase. It has one-year warranty time, no weather during the warranty time or not, we will provide the professional service for you.

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