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    The Best Affordable Heavy Duty Commercial 50 Liter Spiral Dough Mixer HN50C

    The Best Affordable Heavy Duty Commercial 50 Liter Spiral Dough Mixer HN50C
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    Max. Flour: 25 KG
    Power: 2100 W
    Voltage: 110V-220V/60HZ 1PH
    Weight: 188 KG

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    Spiral Dough Mixer

    Why are the products of this series cheaper than other series?
    The box is made of high-quality steel plate, and the production technology is more simple than other similar product so that the cost will be lower than other product.

    Why choose this product with a simple production technology?
    Most of the noise is made from the electric motor power transmission. In this series of products, the electric motor power is derived from the belt, not the chain, so this change lowers the noise and provides the machine with a stable working condition.

    Single Speed | Mechanic Control
    Model: HN50C
    Bowl Capacity: 65 Liter
    Max. Flour: 25 KG
    Speed of Spiral: 143 RPM
    Power: 2100 W
    Voltage: 110V-220V/60HZ 1PH
    Size: 980x570x1000 MM
    Weight: 188 KG
    Transmission: Belt and Chain

    Our new design spiral dough mixer with the competitive price is designed for commercial use and is perfect for pastry, bakeries, or pizza shops and those restaurants with the high demand of popular dough products like pie dough, and biscuits in their kitchen.

    Even though the machine only has a single-speed, this provides a more stable working condition. What’s more, the transmission combines the belt and chain driving, which improves the noise problems during the working state in an ordinary machine. This spiral dough mixer is equipped with a ventilation window, which provides an excellent environment for the engine and keeps it having a long life.

    Products Features:

    Belt and Chain Transmission
    The transmission of this series of spiral dough mixer is belt and chain drive combination, which ensures the stability of the mixing job, lowers the sound from this job.

    Powerful Dough Kneading
    This series of single-speed versatile heavy-duty machines have several types of capacity options. The HN30C boasts a mixing speed of 122 RPM (60Hz 143 RPM), and a maximum flour kneading capacity is 25KG.

    Easy Operation
    Since these products have a simple design and control panel, it’s easier for the staff to operate our spiral dough machine and finish the dough kneading job.

    Safety Features
    In addition to the emergency press to keep safety when any accidents happen, the bowl guard keeps staff’s hands safe from the mixer while in use, and the machine will stop running after lift the safety guard.

    Testing on the Spiral Dough Mixer

    Dough Mixer Assembly Line

    Dough Mixer Assembly Line

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name The Best Affordable Heavy Duty Commercial 50 Liter Spiral Dough Mixer HN50C
    SKU HN50C
    Approval CE
    Capacity 60-80 liter
    Speed Single Speed
    Body Material Steel Plate
    Voltage Phase Single Phase
    Series HM Series
    Clearance No
    User Manual
    No User Manual found.

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