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    Undercounter Refrigerators

    Whether you are in a cafe, restaurant, bar, or a commercial kitchen, you will find that there will be an under-counter refrigerator placed there, because it is already one of the most important refrigerator equipment for many catering businesses. The under-counter refrigerator can provide businesses with fast and easy ways to obtain frozen foods.

    An under-counter refrigerator can keep fresh and frozen food storage where you need it - in any room, kitchen, even outdoors. They can be an important source of merchants’ additional income and become valuable in food service establishments. Besides, the under-counter refrigerator can provide your kitchen with a spacious, clean, modern and streamlined appearance, it is not only beautiful but also practical, convenient and environmentally friendly, this new trend has gradually come to the world.

    If you are thinking about purchase an under-counter refrigerator, then you have to figure what size you need and what brand you get, anyway, Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd from China has provided a variety of secure commercial under-counter Refrigerators, you can check our website to select one or more you need, this is the best choice for you .

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    Especially for under-counter refrigerators. More and more people are making use of the substantial advantages of these modern innovative devices to save space, save energy costs while improving the look and feel of the kitchen. It can keep your foods and beverage fresh and chill with well-controlled and steady temperature. 

    Our under-counter refrigeration system — it chills twice as fast as other refrigeration systems, you can set the exact temperature you want with the help of a touch control panel, our control panel made in the United States which is simple and elegant design.

    The door locks can protect the stored material safety, all material made of stainless steel so it creates a professional look and a level of durability. The door seal for inner temperature isolation with magnetic clipped gasket to avoid the microbes and clean easier replaceable.

    The under-counter refrigerator features high performing, the function of automatic anti-frosting can save time and maintenance. This machine is designed for outstanding durability to ensure power off protection for long lasting no goods. Operation of the freezer is easy due to the special features, this refrigerator with of foam layer is 60mm, it's speed and high efficiency of temperature is isolation.

    Contact us to learn more about our under-counter refrigeration if you are like our machines, we are a professional refrigerator equipment supplier from China.

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