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    Vegetable and Meat Processors

    Commercial electric meat mixer from Twothousand Machinery apply to many commercial kitchens or foodservice supplier, especially for the main meat products, so there are many different functions compared with another mixer machine.

    Using this commercial meat mixer to mix the seasonings, which can be thoroughly and consistently blended into the minced meat. It can effortlessly grind ground beef, lamb, pork and even non-meat contents such as hard mixes and salads.

    It made of durable 304 stainless steel, having rugged performance and is resistant to corrosion. It also can withstand the wear and tear of commercial kitchens. The fats and spices are much more efficiently mixed with the two swivel arm mixing system and the meat is done quickly. The spacious hopper can hold a large amount of meat, so electric horizontal meat mixer from Twothousand is an ideal machine for mass production. 

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    The four casters make the horizontal mixer machine fully movable and the two brakes fixed it so that no need to move during operation. The design of the tilt mechanism allows for easier loading and unloading of meat products and access to the mixing bin. The tank is equipped with an automatic locking system and a safety lock for easy cleaning.

    We are professional electric meat mixer machine supplier with 18 years’ experience, Twothousand Machinery is committed to offering high-quality kitchen equipment, and there are many options on our website, make sure check out the machine you want. It’s so grateful that we can connect with you.

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