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    Walk - in Cold Rooms

    The walk in cold room is one of the essential refrigerating equipment for western kitchen now, its main function is that the walk in cold room can refrigerate fresh food and guarantee supply of frozen food for western restaurant and hotel. Using non-toxic, hard and smooth, not easy fouling materials-PU clean panels to build a quality, lifetime and safety-assured equipment for the walk in cold room, and with large heat transfer area has absorbed liquid film exchange heat technology.

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    With advanced LED explosion-proof cold room lamps and complete temperature detection system in the walk in cold room. Temperature can be adjusted according to different conditions, Cold Temperature is -35 - 10°C.

    The refrigeration effect will not be worse because the evaporator is easy to clean, and using a heating technology can avoid the problem of freezing causing the evaporator to freeze, this setting can automatically take off the ice over a period.

    The advantages of the walk in cold room are obvious, including good heat insulation, no moisture absorption, no rust, no deformation, light weight, less land occupation, so it is a commercial refrigeration equipment that is worth having.

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