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    Water Boilers

    The commercial water boiler is a device that uses electric energy or chemical energy to convert into heat to heat water. If you choose the electric hot water heater boiler from Twothousand machinery, we will offer you the capacity from 8 liters to 55 liters depending on the needs of different groups.  It has a beautiful stainless-steel appearance, sink molding, ergonomic design. Mainly used in public places such as hospitals, schools, and so on.

    Compared with the traditional boiler, the automatic water boiler from Twothousand machinery has the advantages of safety, fastness, low noise, environmental protection, and no pollution, and the supply of boiling water can be provided at any time. Automatic water heating, leakage protection, voltage loss protection, over-current protection, do not need to take care of, reasonable power saving. It can save your cost and labor. The electric hot water heater boiler has a long lifetime and does not easily rust. Choosing from us is your smart choice.

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    1. Electric Hot Water Boiler TT-WB10SP - Main View
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      Power: 1.6 KW Copper Tap Size: 255*255*440 mm

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    Twothousand machinery is a manufacturer offer the hot water boiler for you. The machine has 12 months warranty time. If you do not know how to use the automatic water boiler, we will give you support, such as video, emails, phone call and so on, we will choose the most convenient way for you. What is more, we have more than 18 years experiences in manufacturing the commercial kitchen equipment, we can offer the professional commercial kitchen equipment for you.

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