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    3 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC3

    3 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC3

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    Pans Size: 355x325mm
    Cool Type: Ventilated
    Size: 725x665x515 MM
    Chamber Size: 340x365x320 MM

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    This blast chilling is considered as a great way of ensuring that the foods are kept at the proper room temperature. They have the capacity to freezing food products in a short period of time. Blast freezers and blast chillers became popular for over years now. They became an important part of businesses that offer food products. Food wastes also decrease with the help of these blast freezers. It is a very good option for keeping a hygienic and clean environment on your foods. Its flavor and freshness are being preserved by the help of your blast freezer appliances.

    Blast Chiller
    Model: GC-BC3
    Trays: 3
    Pans: 3 x GN 2/3
    Pans Size: 355x325mm
    Chamber Capacity: 40 Liter
    Refrigerant: R404a
    Refrigerant Weight: 430g
    Cool Type: Ventilated
    Chamber Size: 340x365x320 MM
    Size: 725x665x515 MM
    Net Weight: 58 KG
    Packing Size: 800x800x700 MM
    Material: S/S 304, 1.0 mm thickness
    Performance Temperature: -30'C ~ -35'
    Thermostat: Dixell (Made in Italy)
    Compressor: Embraco
    Power: 500 W
    Current: 3.8 A
    Voltage: 220V50HZ/60HZ

    Capacity: Chilling capacity in 90 minutes for 7 kg food;
    Freezing capacity in 240 minutes for 5 kg food.
    Cycle: Chilling cycle for core temperature from +90 to +3 Celsius;
    Freezing cycle for core temperature from +90 to -18 Celsius.

    1. The door is self-closing, and the door gasket can easily replace.
    2. The internal and external are all used food grade 304 stainless steel.
    3. The blast freezer holds the versatile GN1/1 pans, they are comparatively large chamber space.
    4. Equipped with height adjustable stainless steel feet.
    5. Suggestion working ambient temperature +38℃
    6. Voltage range: 220V50HZ, 110V60HZ or 220V60HZ
    7. Equipped with a door sensor, the fan will stop when open the door, save energy.
    8. The door frame is installed the DEMOUNTABLE heating wires, the heating wires can be easily changed.
    9. Equipped with the precise food grade temperature probe. 
    10. With the DIXELL XB570L thermostat made in Italy can set 5 programs.
    11. EBM blower fan, made in Germany.
    12. Danfoss expansion valve, made in Denmark.
    13. Designed and produced base on the level 6 energy efficiency standard in Europe, they can save more than 20% energy to the other Chinese blast freezer.
    Why Grandchill’s blast chiller freezer is the best option for you?
    Refrigeration Speed With a +30˚C to -30˚C of temperature by time, the products that you are storing in this blast freezer are can be freeze within 30 minutes. With an easier speed of refrigeration, the possibility of bacteria can’t easily happen. Apart from it, you can also enjoy eating your made food in an easier pace of time.

    Product safety Purchasing a blast freezer requires a great inspection of the qualities that it can give to you. You will be guaranteed that this blast freezer is totally secure and safe for your usage because it has been tested under the United States Commercial Refrigeration standard before its delivery. So, you have ensured not just only the quality it offers, but also the safety that it can provide in your home as well as with your business.

    Vegetable from the blast chiller freezer  Fesh Frozen Fish  Meat from the blast chiller freezer The Application of the Blast Chiller Freezer  The Application of the Blast Chiller Freezer  The Application of the Blast Chiller Freezer

    Durability With the engineering scientific refrigeration standard that it holds, they can be used in both tropical and subtropical climates. Its durability is very great that wherever you are, you can still be able to use it and be satisfied with the ability to help you out with the goods and food products that require this kind of temperature. 

    Thermal insulation Choosing the best brand that you will purchase is not about how effective and efficient it is. You also need to look for environmental-friendly appliances. The foaming body of this blast freezer is smooth, and the foaming has 75 mm and wrapped with 1.1mm thickness stainless steel. 

    Low noise One of the factors why this blast freezer is best for you because it is not noisy compared to the other brands. Its thermal insulation reduces the noise that it produces. It has also been regulated by the Noise Act in the United States, that’s why you are given the assurance if it is not really that noisy.

    Door handle The door handles’ G- Shape design is certainly the abbreviation for Grandchill. But, it is not just only about the design and shape that you have to focus, but also from the materials where it is made from. Its handle is a zinc-aluminum die- casting, that provides a strong grip of use and smooth for grabbing. The handles’ color also coordinated with the appearance that makes it more elegant and classy?

    G Shape Handle

    There is no doubt about how to blast freezers can help you out with your food preservation needs. with its advantages and quality, you have ensured that your products are in the good hand especially if you will include maintaining hygienic cleanliness. It is best to look for the quality for long-term use and for your satisfaction. And with that, Grandchiller’s blast freezer is an ideal type of chiller for you.

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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 3 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC3
    SKU GC-BC3
    American Approvals No
    Approval CE
    Trays 3 Trays
    Clearance No


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