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    580L 1800MM 3 Shelves White Marble Refrigerated Bakery Case TT-MD121D

    580L 1800MM 3 Shelves White Marble Refrigerated Bakery Case TT-MD121D
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    Length 1.8 m;
    Aspera compressor; R134a refrigerant:
    Germany EBM blower; Automatic defrost, air cooling
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    Model: TT-MD121D
    Designation: Cake Showcase
    Temp.: 2~8℃
    Capacity: 580L
    Power: 995W
    Current: 4.5A
    Refrigerant: R134A
    Material: Marble
    Dimension: 1800×685×1220mm

    If you're looking for something new, innovative and different then you should definitely check our refrigerated bakery cases. They are perfect for all kinds of businesses, and their technology is like no other in the market nowadays.

    The thermostats that we use are extremely precise, they are placed in the perfect position which makes them perfectly fitted for all of your needs. The glass located in our bakery cases that are refrigerated are double layered, and they are made from vacuum glass. The glass makes the insulation very effective and blocks all kinds of outside particles to enter the glass. The glass has a heating wire inside of the double layers, which avoids the moisture on the glass surface. It also is very effective in the ventilation, because it has a cooling method, and it makes the refrigeration fast.

    The secret for having a very good, functional, long lasting and effective display bakery case is the good insulation, as well as a big evaporator because it is going to help the food remain humid. The problem with most bakery display cases is that they don't have this function. They take too long to cool down, and the food becomes extremely dry, something that isn't good at all. If the quality of the display bakery case isn't good the food will look and taste dry, it'll take away all of the enjoyment from it.

    For More Our Refrigerated Cake Display Showcase Please Check This File:

    Comparison of Refrigerated Cake Display Showcase Between Twothousand and Other Cheap Brands

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 580L 1800MM 3 Shelves White Marble Refrigerated Bakery Case TT-MD121D
    SKU TT-MD121D
    Clearance No
    Approval CE
    Type No
    Temperature Cold
    Shelves 3 Shelves
    Length 1800 MM
    Door Open Type Back Door Open
    Where to Put Floor Type
    Compressor No
    Data is Updating.
    User Manual
    View FileDetails for Cake Showcases    Size: (826.44 KB)

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