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    7L 3 Speed Gear Drive CE Manual Control Countertop Stand Food Mixer B7B

    7L 3 Speed Gear Drive CE Manual Control Countertop Stand Food Mixer B7B
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    Capacity: 7 Liter;
    Mix 1.2 Kg Flour;
    Full Gear Drive;
    3 Speed;
    3 Attachments.


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    Stand Mixer
    Model: B7B
    Capacity: 7 Liter
    Max Flour: 1.2 KG
    Speed: 128/252/545 RPM
    Power: 650 W
    Voltage: 220V50Hz
    Size: 460*340*520 MM
    Weight: 21 KG

    Manual Control;
    Full Gear Drive;
    3 Speed;
    With ABS Plastic Safety Guard;
    3 Attachments, Egg Beater, Dough Arm, Flat Beater.

    Can mix 1.2 KG Flour maximum and minimum 200 Grams.

    For a normal countertop stand mixer, only can mix the flour with 500 - 800 grams maximum, but this B7B 7 liter (quart) commercial stand mixer can mix 1.2 KG flour without overload warning, it means this stand mixer is very heavy duty same as the 10-liter floor planetary mixer, same price and same performance but smaller, so you can place this mixer at anywhere you want, save more space and easy to clean.  

    Advantages of 7 Liter Commercial Planetary Stand Food Mixer with Guard B7

    Having the right, a professional stand mixer is a must for every kitchen. But, with the number of options available in the market these days, finding the best commercial stand mixer can be quite daunting. With the right guide and some valuable tips, you can make an informed decision when shopping for a food stand mixer.

    If you’re in the market looking for a quality item for your kitchen, you will never go wrong with 7-liter commercial planetary stand food mixer with guard B7. It is loaded with outstanding features, giving you great value for your money.For your guide, here are some of the top advantages of this innovative stand mixer today:

    Knead the Gluten Dough in just 8 Minutes

    You no longer need to spend a lot of your time and energy needed the dough because this countertop mixer will do the hard work for you. It is equipped with an S-shaped hook to knead the dough at a constant speed. The mixing hook does a lot of things, which include pressing, kneading and beating the dough at a rapid speed repeatedly. If you are making a pizza or baking, this will ensure that your pastries are soft. This is ideal for making buns, noodles, pizza, dumplings, bread and more.

    Allows you to whip the cream and egg white in just 3 minutes

    The whip wire of this mixer is made of food grade strong stainless steel ribbons and all-aluminum alloy casting ribbons holder. The stainless-steel ribbons are well-distributed, allowing users to get the perfect whipping effect with this whip wire. The whip wire is a food-grade stainless steel, easy to clean and anti-rusted. It is also safe to use to whip the egg, egg white, and creams.

    It Mixes Food Fast.

    With its uniquely designed flat beater, the stand mixer can mix the food well and fast. It can also perfectly mix salad, milkshake, smoothies, mashed potato, stuffing and so on. If you are up in need of an outstanding stand food mixer with impressive functionalities, you should definitely consider buying this 7-liter commercial planetary stand food mixer with guard B7.

    More Features:

    >    Planetary mixing: fast, evenly, and zero corners.
    >    Gear driven structure, it is much more powerful and durable than the belt drive structure.
    >    Digital speed control panel, with 3 setting speeds adjustment.
    >    With a timer for 30 minutes.
    >    User can only mixer 3 egg white minimum.
    >    Food grade 304 stainless steel 7 liters mixing bowl, with smooth finishing and it is easy to clean.
    >    Super power copper wiring motor, the kneading is much powerful with the same speed. It can be kneading gluten in 6 minutes and can be kneading film in 13 minutes.
    >    Automatic shutdown protection: Drop off the bowl lifting the lever on the right side, the mixer will automatically power off immediately, and the mixer stops running immediately to protect the hands from injury by the mixing tools.
    >    With the plastic safety guard, it can prevent the hands go into the mixing bowl, and it can avoid the flour fly into the air.

    How to Use a Stand Mixer to Make Organic Pasta 

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 7L 3 Speed Gear Drive CE Manual Control Countertop Stand Food Mixer B7B
    SKU B7B
    Approval CE
    Bowl Capacity 7 liter
    Clearance No
    Production Line of Stand Mixer
    User Manual
    View File7L 3 Speed Gear Drive CE Manual Control Countertop Stand Food Mixer B7B    Size: (1.3 MB)

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