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    Stand Mixers

    Twothousand Machinery® is one of the most trusted suppliers of world-class kitchen equipment for 14 years, with commercial stand mixers being one of our bestselling products. All the customers who have bought a commercial stand mixer from us are highly satisfied with its beautiful shape and wonderful features. It can be used to mix dough, dumpling stuffing, and beat eggs and cream, with three weapons - dough hook, whipper and beater. Promising constant torque and infinite variable speed, our little body mixers are big on power.

    Twothousand Machinery® provides a wide selection of commercial stand mixer options. Choose from an array of capacities, sizes, materials, and prices. If you are a reseller or wholesaler, we can even make color customization for you. Whether you are a user or a wholesaler, when you choose us to buy a commercial stand mixer, you can be certain of premium quality.

    Need to have a try? Please contact our support desk. We will be happy to demonstrate the power and performance of our commercial stand mixers.

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    Why Our Mixers a Popular Choice around the World?

    Maybe you are a little confused about the reasons why our commercial stand mixer is so popular around the world. Of course, there are reasons.

    >  All our products have CE and RoHS certificate. This is a necessary requirement for a machine to be traded in an international market. Our products are safe and promise high quality.

    >  We also offer stainless steel 304 or plastic safety guard to avoid any accident while using. Therefore, our customers feel completely secure while using our machines.

    >  Our products have overload protection, which automatically cuts off power in case of an overload. This prolongs the life of the mixer to a large extent.

    >  The bowl and mixing attachments that are in touch with food are S/S 304. No need to worry that after a time, the food has a taste of rust.

    >  We have a dedicated team for after-sales-support. Twothousand Machinery will offer not only the best mixers but also the best service. 

    Having Trouble Choosing a Suitable Mixing Agitator?

    >  Commercial mixers can be used to mix many kinds of things, and hence, choosing the right type is very important. Even if you are unsure about how to choose a suitable mixing agitator, there is no need for you to worry, for we are here to help!

    >  Broadly classifying, there are three types of mixers. If you want to mix large things such as dough etc., then you can choose dough hook. Racket shape mixing agitator is for bulking things, such as meat dumpling stuffing etc. If the task is to mix unsticking or little sticking things, such as eggs and creams, you can choose net shape mixing agitator, also called beater.

    >  These three types of agitators have their own features, and hence, are used for different applications. Please choose the agitator according to your requirements.

    Need Help?

    Need Help?

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