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    Baking Ovens

    Twothousand Machinery® is a trusted supplier of premium quality baking ovens around the world for more than a decade. In case you are unsure about which option to buy, our sales representatives will be happy to help you select the best production to fit your needs. Luxury Layered type oven is our company’s latest invention. It is an intelligent luxury-type, heating wire product, promising high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, flawless design, accordant color, minimal pollution, and exceptional longevity. Choose from a wide range of baking ovens, available for senior bread, pastries, toast, moon cake, hamburger and Chinese and Western food. It is an ideal fit for pastry shops, unit canteens and other entities from the food industry.


    What We Offer

    Based on the fuel type, you can choose between electric baking ovens and gas baking ovens. Our ovens are equipped with an intelligent controller that allows you to exactly control production, along with a stop function option to ensure reliable safety. Here are some of the features of our baking ovens:

    -  Furnace layer bottom
    -  Surface fire controlled separately
    -  Automatic temperature control
    -  Constant temperature
    -  Automatic thermal power cut to prevent the oven damage.
    -  Thick, overlapping heat insulation
    -  Easy and safe to use

    Repair and Maintenance

    Whether you buy gas baking ovens or electric rack ovens, you can expect simple maintenance. Here are the protocols you need to follow:

    1. Daily clean the chamber of the oven to remove food particles.
    2. Clean in time when observed the glass in stained with lampblack.
    3. Check power line at least once one month to see if there’s a loose connection.
    4. Make sure that your oven’s axis of rotation is smooth.
    5. Besmear edible oil on both sides of door axis on a weekly basis.
    6. Use a wet cloth to wipe the surface of the furnace but do NOT wash with water.

    Need Help?

    If you need expert advice to select suitable baking ovens as per your requirements, or wish to learn more about our range, please feel free to contact us by using any of the below mentioned options.

    Need Help?

    Need Help?

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    With over 20 years of experience, we eager to become your trusted partner in China.

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