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    Diesel Rack Ovens

    Rotary ovens are used for producing bakery products. In every bakery, we usually find these rotary ovens. For producing cakes, bread and other bakery based food item, people use commercial rotary ovens. Depending on the owner's need, it can be big, medium and small in size. It has few horizontal tables inside where the producing item can be placed and lock the air tight door. It can be powered by electric or diesel.

    Twothousand Machinery® is the largest online-based kitchen equipment wholesaler in China. At present, we are also taking order from outside China, and we have collaboration with the renowned shipment facility for our overseas customers at a very cheap price.

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    Diesel rack ovens are the types of ovens which are able to produce and bake large quantity of bakery goods. A Large amount of raw materials can be placed on it at a single time for preparing a large number of bakery items. These ovens can bake all kinds of bread, biscuit, pie and pastry, etc. 12 and 16 trays are available there. That means at any given time, it is possible to make 12 to 16 trays bakery items.

    Twothousand Machinery® offer you the quality rotary ovens that are entirely made of stainless steel from inside and outside. It has proper safety system and an easy manual to handle it. It also has low consumption of electricity and very high-quality burner inside it. That burner will not take much time to bake any bakery items. A double layer glass window is placed on the front which makes the door harder. It is stylish, and the finishing of the body is elegant. The rotary ovens have automatic 'build in steaming' system.

    Twothousand Machinery® is offering you commercial rotary ovens at a comparatively reasonable price. We provide you door to door service to send these rotary ovens to your bakery. On customer demand, sometimes we may send our rotary ovens by air. But for that extra carrying charges will be applied on the customer's account.

    Twothousand Machinery® is the name you can trust. Since 2000, we are dealing with our customer nicely. We are focused on quality goods and customer satisfaction. These are the hidden facts of our success. If you are planning to get a rotary oven for your bakery, just give us a call. Twothousand Machinery®  are here to provide you service with efficiency.

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