The Event
Held between the 19th and the 21st of Feb 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA, the NAFEM is an exclusive show for exhibitors featuring a wide range of food service equipment and supplies that range between the preparation of food and cooking, to table service and the storage of food. With suppliers from over 100 manufacturers, the focal point on innovations and new products, the NAFEM event proved to be the pivot of flamboyancy. Striking professionals of the foodservice fraternity and an attractive list of eminent attendees saw this event triumphant.
With Blendtec
Manifestation of Twothousand Machinery’s exhibit
With years of experience and trustworthy relationship with our clients, we at Twothousand cater to the finest and most innovative of food and service industry equipment’s. Amid the many food service equipment’s that were exhibited from among the umpteen exhibits, some of our Twothousand Machinery exhibits were the Planetary Mixer that is used to mix products of different viscosities and density, proportion and shapes. Used extensively for baking needs due to its unique ex-centric motion. The Dough Mixer exhibited is used to mix very large quantities and is used for household purpose as much as it caters to commercial purpose. In proportion to the Dough mixer this appliance, the Stand Mixer is a table top version for batter mixing and dough kneading. The Immersion Mixer as the name suggests is a blender to blend and puree ingredients. We also exhibited varieties of the Vegetable Cutter, Ice Crusher and the Commercial Blender for commercial purpose extensively, though variations were also available for household use.
Twothousand Summon up

An online retrieval of all the suppliers and with the ability to login and view the other exhibitor’s panel of the event was a humongous repository of data base to congregate. An aggregate of the visitors at the Twothousand Machinery totaled at 212 numbers while the wholesalers were the largest number after the general visitors, numbering at 93, which was a massive turnover. The distributers and the dealers contributed to a 62 of the crowd. Major attendees taking up the large share at the exhibit, the users and the business service suppliers contributed to a 31 and 16 at the numbering. With its large scale show plan, the media took a 3 with the tech and the service company at a 7. On the whole the response at the NAFEM was a major triumph, providing with innumerable contacts of the food and service industry majors. 
The Show Stopper Inception

The idea behind our exhibit at the Twothousand Machinery was to identify and attract equivalent counterparts, exchanging information that are vital also ensuring a healthy competition over the innumerable innovations. This was a success since our contacts from earlier had made themselves available to visit the show and since they were predominantly present it only assured us of our products that were always welcomed. The show having attracted exemplary exhibit had invited conductors from all over the globe and this proved a viable resource for us. Ms. Eva Peng, our General Manager had by far been an important factor in the liaison committee contributing to the immense success of our exhibit at the NAFEM show. She avidly involved in the direct relationship at the customer level in order to nurture a healthy business and extend our company Twothousand Machinery to the farthest reaches. It was a good business venture and the travel for the show and the weeklong event proved to be a true success. Understanding this show as an extensive move towards the totality of the U.S. market promoting our uniqueness to the new genres in market for the U.S. sector.
The Twothousand Advocacy

Assuring of finest expertise our company the Twothousand Machinery at NAFEM stayed ahead providing cutting edge techniques of the most recent of trends. As among the leader in the food service industry and having equipped its members and clients with nice products and services, we constantly strive moving forward into the future of the industry.