Bakery Dough Mixer


A spiral dough mixer is a crucial piece of equipment for your pizzeria, bakery, or restaurant, and other foodservice stores that need to produce large amounts of dough for making the dough products regularly. Here we list several types of our dough mixers as per their performance, contact us if you are looking for a spiral dough mixer, we are sure you do get what your money’s worth.


Most of the spiral mixers have several speeds, the slower speed is for mixing the ingredient into a ball, while the higher speed is making the dough develop its proper gluten structure. These dough kneader machines can prepare dough for fresh bread, pastries, cake bakes, and baked goods, the dough made by this machine always has an equal and supple texture.



Lifted Head Series Spiral Dough Mixer

This spiral dough mixer design with a liftable head and removable bowl allows you a convenient dough mixing operation and cleaning process. Raise its head, remove the bowl from the machine, then you could easily transfer the dough or other ingredients from the bowl.

 Lifted Head Spiral Mixer

Heavy Duty HX Bread Dough Mixer

You will not go wrong with our brand-new high-performance HX series spiral dough mixer for handling your large demand for dough preparation. This dough mixer has 10 speeds for your options to knead the dough. Gear and belt transmission for this spiral mixer to ensures the stability of the mixing job, make the process finished quietly. Intelligent control panel, water-proof body, really a quality product.

 HX Bread Mixer

HS Series Dough Kneader

HS series spiral dough mixer, our hot-sell items, always have continuous steady orders from our clients. Belt and chain transmission allows a quiet dough mixing job. Elegant appearance, several capacities for this series.

 Dough Mixer Production Line

What capacity of the spiral dough mixer you could choose?

We have various series of bakery spiral dough mixers. Each series of the dough mixer have several capacities, the smallest models have a capacity of 10 liters, and the largest models have a bowl of up to 260 liters, the max. The flour is 100KG. For proper operation and a long lifetime, it is not recommended to filled with the maximum weight of the flour when you are using a dough kneader. Lots of options for your kitchen, no worries about the machine capacity.


Dough Mixer Production Line