Samosas Maker


This DEM-10 turnover maker machine is the perfect piece of equipment to make the production of all sorts of popular filled dough products including calzones, empanadas, pastries, turnovers, and samosas fast and efficient. It only takes a minute to train an employee to produce a consistent product with speed and precision. It can create big profits for your business.


 Dumplings Maker

Easy Operation

The machine folds, crimps, trims, and seals up to 600 pieces an hour in one operation with no training or special skills. Simple hand-operated machine. First, place the dough on the die, then add the filling, and rotate the handle 1/2 turn, and the finished product drops at the bottom. All finished food products will have a perfect seal with no need to brush the edges with water or other sealants.



1. All Stainless Steel 304 Body without Rust;

2. Saving Material to Make the Dough and Filling;

3. 500 - 700 pieces production per hour, to save labor work and Increase production

4. The dies are available to be customized according to the customer's requirements;

5. Variable dies can use for various shapes and sizes;

6. Easy to use and clean


 Pastry Maker


Change the Dies for Making Different Food

You can make different products just by changing the dies for the machine. With diverse molds, the range of sizes, weights, and shapes are adjustable according to production needs. Use a triangular shape to make the tasty samosas, and the half-round shape to make curry puff.


Samosa is originated from the Middle East and Central Asia. It contains onions, all kinds of beans, meats, and potatoes. And samosa can be triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes folded by thin, flaky pastry sheets. While the curry puff is the common snack in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, it has a great variety of fillings. It could be stuffed with chicken or beef, curry powder, onions, and potatoes.

 Mold Die Size

Mold Die Customize for Your Business

This samosa-making machine is the best choice for the catering business, snacks shops like bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, and more. According to your needs, we can customize the mold die of the machine for your business. Feel free to contact us to customize the professional quality food machine to boost your business. 


Production Line