Polish all sizes and types of glassware thoroughly and quickly with this Electric Bar Glass Dryer Glass Polisher with 5 Brushes. The glass dryer also works as a glass polisher that removes water marks and polishes both the outside and inside of your glassware without using any polishing liquid. The nano crystal brushes reduce stress on the glassware, so the possibility of breakage is greatly reduced. The brushes are also easy to install and remove.

The electric glass dryer can polish a large number of glasses fast, helping you save a lot of time and labor. It is a quick and effective way of quickly getting your glasses back in service for your bar, hotel room service or restaurant. The polished glasses will surely add an attractive appeal to your glassware and impress customers. The Electric Bar Glass Dryer Glass Polisher with 5 Brushes will leave your glasses looking clean and sparkling.


  • Japanese Toxic-Free Nano Crystal Brush
  • Voltage - 220V50HZ/110V60HZ
  • Power - 1200 W
  • Made of Stainless Steel 304
  • Comes with 5 brushes. Recommended brush life is 3 months.
  • Weighs 21 kg
  • Measures 300 x 340 x 540 mm
  • Belt drive transmission

Why Use the Electric Bar Glass Dryer Glass Polisher with 5 Brushes?

If you are looking for an efficient way of washing your glassware, you will surely like the convenience offered by the Electric Bar Glass Dryer Glass Polisher with 5 Brushes. It is perfect for bars, event venues, restaurants, hotels and caterers. The brushes combine with an air blower to gently dry and polish glassware quickly. You can place the electric glass dryer on the bar so that your customers can see how you clean your glassware.


The electric glass dryer produces high quality results all the time, helping you save a lot of labor, money and time. This means that you don’t need to worry about paying for the salary of additional manpower. With the electric glass dryer, you don’t have to hire someone to wash and clean the glasses. The glass dryer is also faster and more efficient at doing the job. With the electric glass dryer and polisher, you can get the following benefits:


  • - It eliminates the possibility of cross contamination from filthy cloths.
  • - You will always get clean glasses that don’t have water marks and you don’t need to purchase and worry about              throwing away paper towels.
  • - The glass dryer and polisher reduces the possibility of breaking glasses, so you can enjoy improved health and             safety in your workplace.


The glass dryer does the job of drying and polishing the glass for you. This also allows you to protect your investment and your employees as well as customers. Cleaning glasses can be a dangerous task due to the tendency of glasses to break. The electric glass dryer doesn’t only clean and polish glassware to high standards. It does so without damaging the glassware, regardless of how tricky and delicate they are. Since the glasses can be dried and polished inside the machine, you don’t need to worry about spending money on paper towels.