Are you thinking about starting a gelato ice cream shop in your location? Twothousand Machinery helps you to begin the purchase of quality gelato equipment from China. It can be very overwhelming to start a gelato ice cream shop and deciding what ice cream shop equipment you will need. This article will make your plan clear enough.

 Equipment for the Gelato Shop

Batch Freezer – This is an indispensable and the most expensive equipment you need to purchase for a gelato shop. With the batch freezer, you can produce large quantities of frozen desserts like frozen custard, and also the gelato. The batch freezer makes the gelato, and then you could dispense them into a pan, bucket, or other containers. Anyone wants to reduce the initial investment, and purchase a high-end batch freezer at a moderate price. Here you can know more about the recommended commercial batch freezers.


Blast Freezer, it will finish the second step of the gelato making process. When you complete the dispensing of the product from the batch freezer, you should provide the product with a blast freezing process to prevent the crystallization of the product. And that is placing the gelato into the blast freezer. The crystallization will destroy the taste of the final product that’s not ideal for serving.

 Blast Chiller Freezer


The blast freezer provides the freezing air, which gives the products a high rate of heat removal. And that extends the products' shelf life and maintains its original nutrition, freshness, and physicochemical stability. Depending on your business demand, you could choose the different models of the blast freezer with varying capacities from us.


Gelato Display Cabinet a vital machine for you to display your eye-catching product. R404a Tecumseh compressor and PU one mold foaming wall keep better temperature insulation, and the imported EBM fans offer proper heat radiation.


Immersion Hand Blender, it also a crucial machine for an ice cream shop. Most ice cream shops will serve some ice cream desserts like blended ice cream treats, which combines with the fruit, flavored syrups, candy, and nuts. The immersion blender has a thin rod that connects with an attached blade. Put those ingredients into the serving cup, use the blender to mix the treat within the serving cup to make the ice cream desserts. This process reduces prep time dramatically and is of great convenience for your gelato shop job.


Equipment For the Gelato ice Cream Shop