Start Introducing Your Products in China by Joining the 119th Canton Fair

There are countless companies that are planning to launch their businesses in China. As one of the leading countries with high import and export history, even startup companies dare to introduce their products in China first and then proceed to their global plans in the future. If you are one of those company owners who are planning to introduce your product in the Chinese market, then one of the best events where you should join is the upcoming 119th Canton Fair.

This trade fair event is considered as the biggest and most influential events that business owners don’t want to miss. With its decades of introducing more than 100,000 products from over 200 countries and regions, there is no reason for any company to dare missing the opportunity of getting exposure from the event.

Based from the previous year’s event, the turnover of the event has reached about $31 billion, which means that participants from the all over the world have generated sales more than they expect while other gained more exposure than what they want. Truly, joining the event is something worth trying especially for businesses wanting to receive both the exposure and initial sales for their products.

Twothousand Attending Each Session of The Canton Fair


What Products Are Exhibited On the 119th Canton Fair Event?

The Canton Fair Usually has three phases that exhibit different group of products from different companies. Every phase has their respective group of categories that may include a wide range of products.

For the first phase, one of the exhibitors will be the Twothousand Machinery. We will be participating for the first phase which will start from April 15 to 19, 2016. Their company is included in the category of household electrical appliances with the focus on introducing their baking equipment.

Twothousand Machinery will take the booth number 1.1H43 and will exhibit their planetary mixers along with their cake showcase. Everyone who will attend the event can check out the products of the company and find out more about the different types of kitchen equipment that we can offer. We are mainly offering a wide range of baking equipment and everyone is invited to check them out by visiting their booth for their planetary mixers and viewing their cake showcase.

Aside from the company, there will also be other exhibitors coming from different countries and regions. Knowing that Canton Fair is where thousands of products are introduced and promoted easily, there is a great chance that people from different parts of the world who will be attending the event can spread the word about your products as well as your company.

Don’t forget to visit the 119th Canton Fair and check out all of the products of participating companies in this annual event.  Those who would like to be a part of the event can visit the official website of the fair to learn how they can join the event and be like Twothousand Machinery that will be exhibiting their line of planetary mixers along with their prepared cake showcase.

Baking Oven, Bakery Case, Planetary Case for you to choose