The blast freezing process is the best process to store food for more months. The Grandchill blast freezer, thanks to its powerful refrigeration system with the air temperature of -40°C, quickly lowers the temperature at the core of the food to -18° avoiding in this way the macro-crystallization and granting perfect and long lasting preservation of all the original qualities of the food. After defrosting, there will be no loss of liquid, firmness or flavor.

 5 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC5 10 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC10

Why Choose Grandchill’s blast freezer?


The Grandchill commercial blast chiller freezer is producing under the engineering scientific refrigeration standard. They can be widely used in tropical climate and subtropical climate. And they are 10 years long lifetime and all come with 2 years long warranty from Grandchill.

Trays Inside


Low Noisy

The blast freezer is well thermal insulation, which can reduce the noise at the same time. The noise is regulated by the Noise Control Act in the United States.


Refrigeration Speed

The blast freezer is chilling from +30° to -30°C by temperature-based core probe or by time. They can be chilling from +30° to -30°C in 30 minutes.

With Accurate Dixell Thermostat


Temperature Difference

The blast freezer adapts the air cooling way, the cold air can be brought to the chamber by the reasonable high speed, and it can be guaranteed that there is 1°C temperature difference into the chamber.


Product Safety

The Grandchill blast freezer is tested under the United States commercial refrigeration standard ISO5149 before the delivery.


Door Handle

The door handle is the patent design, it is G shape, the abbreviation of Grandchill. The handle is zinc aluminum die-casting, it is strong in use and smooth in a grab. The color of the handle coordinates with the appearance, make the blast freezer much more elegant.


G Shape Handle


Ventilated shutter for the condensing unit

The ventilated shutter is the patent design, the heat dissipating capacity is 30% higher than the other similar products. The high efficient ventilate shutter can improve the refrigerating capacity of the products.


Thermal insulation

The blast chiller freezer body is 75 mm insulation by environmental friendly polyurethane, the foaming body surface is smooth, it is foaming with cast aluminum foaming machine and 1.0mm thickness stainless steel sheet.


Condensing Units

The blast freezer is all equipped with the original imported commercial used the brand compressor and EBM fan. The usage life of the products is well guaranteed. And the freezer is equipped with environmental friendly R404a refrigerating gas.

So what are you waiting for? Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our commercial blast chiller freezer.