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    Commercial Electric Ranges

    A commercial range is an essential piece of cooking equipment for many commercial kitchens. We offer commercial electric range and commercial gas range. Those are allowed you to boil, steam and the foods. You can base on your need to choose from either a gas restaurant range or an electric model. Choose a commercial range, restaurant ranges, restaurant electric ranges, commercial electric ranges at cooking equipment from Twothousand machinery that suit you most.

    It is a good choice for you to choose commercial range with griddle from Twothousand machinery. With the durable stainless-steel material, it is easy to clean and maintain and do not easy to rust, so that you can use it for a long time. Many kinds of our commercial range are with a cabinet which is easy for you to store and save place. Also, it is convenience for you to use during making food. The commercial ranges are in high-quality, high efficiency and work stable, it is one of the popular machines in the business.

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    If you choose the commercial range from Twothousand machinery, we will offer you the best serves and guidance. All machines from us have 12 months warranty time, during the warranty time, we will ship you the accessories for free for you if there is not the man-made damage. Plus, during use, if you have any question about the machine, we will handle it and give you a satisfactory reply.

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