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Notable Customers of Twothousand

Twothousand Machinery provides a wide range of Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment, including Planetary Mixers, Dough Mixers, Fryers, Griddles, and other stainless steel products. Our clients range from Fortune 500 giants to small businesses worldwide. Here are testimonials from some top brands.

  • Pacific Coffee Company values like-minded partners. Twothousand's dedication to quality made them the ideal choice for sourcing stainless steel refrigerators and showcases. Their refrigeration units maintain product freshness impeccably, crucial for our growing popularity with cold and iced coffees in mainland China.
  • At Burger King, we require a diverse range of compact and easily maintainable kitchen equipment, including stoves, ovens, refrigeration units, storage, and countertops. Twothousand has consistently met our needs at an affordable price. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership and expansion with them.
  • KFC's reputation hinges on consistent chicken quality. Twothousand's kitchen equipment ensures our performance remains consistent, from Beijing to Guangzhou and beyond.
  • Twothousand's blending machine and refrigeration/freezer appliances maintain the perfect temperature for our ice cream and frozen desserts, ensuring their freshness. Their products and service have been instrumental in our success, and we enthusiastically recommend them to anyone in need of restaurant equipment.
  • Twothousand has consistently exceeded our expectations, mirroring our commitment at METRO to meet our customers' needs comprehensively. Running a supermarket, which is larger than a grocery store but smaller in scope than a regular restaurant, requires us to offer a wide variety of fresh, healthy, and delicious hot or cold foods throughout the day. Twothousand's full range of stainless steel products has been a great fit for our needs.
  • At Tesco, we require the best in refrigeration, cooking, baking, food preparation, storage and they ought to be stainless steel for easier maintenance and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. We have obtained these kitchen equipments from Twothousand, including the specialty items of ice cream machines and pizza ovens. We are very much pleased to have partnered with Twothousand.
  • Twothousand's refrigeration, cooking, baking, and food storage products meet our needs perfectly. We appreciate their free spare parts and lifetime support.
  • Those familiar with long-distance flights understand the need for precise food storage and serving. LSG Sky Chefs, like us, values Twothousand's restaurant kitchen equipment. They excel in customized project solutions, a valuable asset in our niche industry.

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