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    Electric Candy Floss Machines

    When cotton candy machines were first invented, it was an instant hit. These machines are used to melt sugar and turn it into liquid form. The liquid form is then spun using a centrifuge while at the same time forcing the liquid out of thin holes which create strands or floss. The sticky cotton candy is then caught by the machine operator by swirling the cone around inside a bowl. With the operator, having caught the spun sugar, it is then wrapped around a cone until it’s become a puffy plume of cotton candy is now ready. 

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    Twothousand’s floss candy machine is one that’s a great option for school and home use. This is just the right cotton candy machine you can use for special occasions. The care and maintenance of this cotton candy maker is also very easy. With the simple, straightforward design of the machine, a good wipe down using clean cloth and hot water is enough to keep it clean. All you need is to make sure that you reach all its sugary spots. If you are looking for the right cotton candy maker that offers fun and portability, our cotton candy maker you are looking for. 

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