Restaurant equipment has to constantly cope up with growing demands for faster service and greater variety. Restaurants are spending a lot of money on upgrades these days. The newly installed systems should be safe and easy to operate. Without these basics, they cannot function efficiently and will call for more repairs. Here are some top trends and tips to make sure you avoid equipment related complications and develop your restaurant workspace to the highest modern standards.

Choose your General Contractor (GC) Wisely
Nowadays it is necessary for you to install your infrastructural needs such as gas, electrical and water systems with the help of an expert. This will prevent any malfunction due to improper installation and create a more worker friendly place for your kitchen staff. Your GC should preferably have a good experience with top HVAC companies, and local utility chains. You should also enquire how skilled and experienced the sub-contractors are when it comes to commercial kitchens. The trend for Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) certified contractors is also catching up. If the company you are dealing with has this certification, you should definitely consider it.

Pay Attention to Health and Wellness Trends

Because the world is becoming increasingly health aware, it is important for you to provide healthy options such as juice and brew machines, and healthy or low-fat ice cream machines and the like.

Go for Smaller, Compact Versions

Small spaces for kitchens are fast catching up.  Food trucks, satellite kitchens and pop-up restaurants have brought comb ovens into use. Napkin dispensers and storage equipment are shifting towards the taller and narrower trend to make room for more stuff in less horizontal space.

Choose Time and Travel Saving Options
For your staff at various outlets, it has become essential to save time on meetings and discussions using applications such as WebEx. You can also send databases using GoogleDocs. Having infrastructure which is friendly to new age communication is one of the top trends in commercial restaurants. The same technology friendly options will also increase Real Time Marketing and sales.

Save up on Energy

LED displays, built-in times to prevent wastage of energy, and auto-heat sensors are being used in all types of restaurant equipment. Dishwashers, ovens, coolers and heaters are undergoing a revolutionising change towards a green future. Cooking systems are also moving towards lower emission rates. Ventless systems and induction cooktops are growing in popularity.

Diversify your Menu

Because people want a variety of options these days, restaurants are opting for smaller quarter pans to heat/ cook multiple items in a go.

Adorn Food in New Ways

People go for visually appealing salads and dressings. This has called for new cutting tools and arrangement tools to organise food on plates to give them the best looks. The plates and cutlery are also coming up in scratch free versions because new materials are constantly coming up due to technology.