Written by Bella from Twothousand Machinery

Are you worried about the food whether it is delicious and good looking? If yes, please kindly try our kitchen equipment. Our Combi Ovens would offer a wide range that covers different daily production, size, merchanical & digital control panel, function and so on. It focuses on baking, cooking, barbecue, steam and so on. It would instead of many other kitchen equipment, such as the pizza ovens, bread ovens, chicken roaster, barbecue griddle, fryers, fish smoke, rice steamers, vegetables cooker and so on, which it could save some space and the labor and the cost to your other kitchen equipment.

Combi Ovens

Adopt the advance technology system, not only the level two opening door to prevent the vapour to pour out to scald the skin, but also using the turbine fan to convection circle heat to heat up the chamber, the cooking time would be shorten. There is the probe, it could insert to the food to test the temperature of the food, the digital panel would indicate the temperature of the food inside, it is highly effective to cook and uniform heat. As high-efficiency, the dehumidification system, the food would keep in the best delicious situation when cooking.

Combi Oven can cook many food 

There is no need to many person to operation, it just need only one person to control, easy to set the menu to cook different dishes and saving time, it is the best partner for fast – food restaurant. The automatic clean system would help you to clean the chamber, easy and convenient to operation. Although there are so many menu instruction on the digital control panel, menu instruction use the easy cooking signal to guide you which food would be suitable to which way .If you have one, you would never worry about whether your children would not enjoy the food and would not eat some food that they do not like.

The place using Combi Ovens 

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