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    The Twothousand Machinery planetary mixer manufacturing facility was established in 1997. We have more than 21 years of history in creating planetary mixer, with rich experience, the products made by us work very stable and in high quality. To ensure the quality and the accuracy, we process all the gears and other important components by our own factory. Don’t worry about there is any questions on accessories, we will ensure that no impediment shall arise.

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    Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd has released their brand new planetary mixers in the fall of 2015. And, they are now introducing this new design that is guaranteed of providing a better performance in mixing dough and batters

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    Twothousand Machinery, a leader of food service equipment supply in China, had a successful exhibition at NAFEM Show 2015 which is a show for prfoessional restaurant kitchen equipment in the United States.

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