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    Turnover Machines

    Twothousand Supplies the Stainless Steel 304 Body Turnover Machines that is able to Make Dumplings, Beerocks, Boeregs, Calzones, Caribbean Patties, Chilean Saltenas, Empadas, Empanadas, Empanadillas, Fried Pies, Fruit Pies, Jamaican Patties, Lahmajoons, Panzarottis, Pattie Cakes, Pastries, Pierogies, Pieroshkis, Pot Stickers, Samosas, Sanbusak, Spinach Pie, Strombolis, Texas Meat Pies and Turnovers.

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    Turnover Capacity
    1. 600 KG/H (8)
    Turnover Shape
    1. Semi-Circle (6)
    2. Oblong (1)
    3. Triangle (1)
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    Turnover press machine is the best assistant for the bakery, kitchen, restaurant, it can produce a wide variety of dough products, so you no need to buy different machines to produce different products which can help you save your time and effort, it also has the advantage of fast and efficient production, easy and simple operation, perfect sealing.

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