Some of the most heartfelt and amazing moments in our life happen when we travel to places that leave us amazed. Recently our Twothousand Machinery organization organized a trip to Ziyun Valley of the Zhaoqing city, which is famous for being the hub of tourism. This trip was one of the most relaxing experiences for the staff of Twothousand Machinery.


Happy Faces of Twothousand Machinery


We visited so many places in the exotic Ziyun valley. Some of those experiences were adventurous and some were warm with the provision of comfort for everyone in the staff.


Ziyun valley had a lot to offer us. We climbed mountains, which gave us adventurous moments to cherish from. It is always good to go through an adrenaline rush occasionally to get off an edge. The adrenaline rush that we get from adventures elevates our moods which were a good way to give our staff a feeling of pleasure, relaxing mood and a happy memory.


The mountains not just had climbing to offer us but they also offered a chance for us to capture the amazing moments of the trip. We were able to take amazing pictures of our beloved Twothousand Machinery Staff family. At the end of a joyous, adventurous but tiring day, we had big delicious meals to replenish our energies. Delicious meals are a very important part of our lives, as without taste life seems dull and boring.


Beautiful View Alan Adela and Jessie


The overall experience was perfect for our staff members at Twothousand Machinery. We will cherish the memories for a while now.