After a long year of hard work, it was high time that the team at Twothousand® Machinery have some well-deserved fun. And where else could we have gone except the great Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, which is not only fun but it’s also an amazing way to connect with nature and watch cute friendly ocean animals such as penguins and dolphins, nature’s little darlings!
If you don’t know much about the ocean theme park, then, here’s a short introduction. It’s perhaps the largest ocean theme park in Asia and it has a mixture of different entertainments. It has different shows, aquariums, a theme park with rides and roller coasters all intended to entertain the guests. And of course, it was the right choice for us given that it had a variety of things to do!
Our time at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom was well spent. The team spent quality time checking out various fishes and marine animals. 
Blue Whale
The aquarium was breath - takingly beautiful. The beauty of the fishes, the elaborate designs of the aquarium was exquisite. The aquarium gave us a peek into marine life, the views, the colourful fishes, the majestic whale, they all filled us with awe. Alan even fell in love with a fish! Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean. 
The team had a stellar time at the theme park. What better way to release some pent-up emotions and bottled negative feelings than a deep-plunging roller coaster going at a speed of 150 km per hour or so?
Alan is Kissing a Fish
As for the more tender-hearted ones, they preferred a ride at a much slower pace and the Whirligig was perfect! They then went out to meet Santa Claus after that. 
We are Riding the Whirligig
Susan, Fang and Beryl is Visiting the Santa Claus House
Parade Show
We’ve also had some fun watching the dancing guys in the parade, some of them look liked they’ve travelled here especially for the event, the Maori fire show (a very captivating sight we should say) as well as watching the white whale show. 
The outing was certainly a great team-building activity and we hope that next year, we will get to spend more time together doing fun activities like this. Outings like this have a lot of benefits such as:
  • It boosts the team’s spirit
  • It encourages communication
  • It makes the team feel motivated to work even harder
  • It fosters creativity
  • It helps release stress and makes the team feel more relaxed
We are Playing at the front of Music Fountain
We are Playing with the Batman
There is no better way to refill your energy bar other than spending some time with the best people in the world! The most outstanding team that has toiled so hard this year. In just a few words, there’s no better way than to start the next year with a great energised team.
And if you’re looking for a great place to bond over as a team who not only work together but also live as a close-knit family, do try the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom!
Here’s to another great year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!