By Quinten Plummer, eHow Contributor

The food is oh so greasy, but it's oh so good. Food cooked in a deep fryer comes out hot and crispy on the outside yet warm and tender on the inside. Deep fryers produce good food fast.


There are industrial deep fryers powered by gas and by electricity. Industrial deep fryers are normally freestanding units that are several feet tall, but there are also countertop industrial fryers. Household deep fryers are only electric and are countertop style.

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Deep fryers heat cooking oil to a very high temperature; when food is dipped into the oil, it comes out with the flavor retained beneath a crispy shell. Though high in cholesterol, deep-fried food is enjoyed by many because of how well the process preserves the flavor of foods.

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Industrial deep fryers stand about three feet tall; household fryers are only about a foot tall. Countertop industrial deep fryers are about the same height as the household variety but tend to be much wider and contain multiple frying areas.


Deep fryers come with a number of features; they vary from product to product. One of the most common features is a timer. Timers help cooks fry the food for just the right amount of time. Other common features include advanced heating features and draining features.

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Use caution when handling an active deep fryer: The oil reaches levels that can cause serious injury. Also use caution when eating food from a deep fryer: Too much deep-fried food could have adverse health effects.


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