Planetary Food Mixer


Planetary mixers, also named vertical mixers, are widely used in many lines to mix some food with high demand. The planetary mixer has more functions than a dough mixer, which is different from the dough mixer.  This brand-new gear drive planetary mixer has a stronger structure design and its motor out power is 1100 Watt, max flour capacity 8 Kg.


Brand New B30 Gear Drive Planetary Mixer

Gear Drive

Voltage: 110 Volts

Motor Power (Out/In): 1100 / 1500 Watt

Size: 610X548X1120MM

Max Temperature of Top Head: 50’C


Max. Flour Capacity 8 KG

(Ratio 8 Kg Flour: 4 Kg Water)

Motor Out Power 1100 Watt

Running in 110 Volts 60 Hz

Stronger Fasten Structure



Here are some features about the B30 planetary mixer


Power Top Head of the Planetary Mixer

All the necessary buttons and switches are equipped in the power top head, and you can adjust the operation according to your need. With the max temperature of 50’C, this power top head gives the mixer the ability to accommodate the other mixer attachment. As for it, the planetary mixer not only kneads the dough but also whip potatoes, even the grind meat.

 Planetary Food Mixer


Stronger Fasten Structure

The stronger fasten structure design enhances the stability of the working state. This stronger bowl locating lock will keep the bowl in the right place and does not slip off during working.


The Functions of the Accessories

This commercial machine will come with a dough pot and some accessories which include a whisk, a mixing paddle, and a dough hook. The whisk is used for beating eggs, soft creams, and other whipped cream and so on. A mixing paddle is a fundamental tool for you to mix any items. And the dough hook is for kneading the dough.

 Testing on Our Brand New Planetary Mixer


No matter you are in the business of bakery to make cakes, pastries, pizza, or restaurant to make the meat dishes or soup, you need to know the vital role of a good mixer for your kitchen. Contact us to know more about this planetary mixer, we are a professional planetary mixer supplier.