Dough press machine


New item commercial pizza dough presses machine from Twothousand Machinery is ideal for the Pizzeria, Cafes, School to meet the medium to high production volumes. With this pizza dough presses machine, you could make many kinds of dough products like Pizza Crust, Chapati, Pita Bread, Parathas, Lavash, and Mexican Tortilla that kind of food.


Fashionable Design Allow You a Convenient Dough Pressing Job

The heavy-duty stainless-steel construction and fashionable design ensure the reliability and durability of the machine. It features a bottom swing-away design, which is easier to use than top swinging models. And the upper heated platen allows the dough to be pressed straight from the refrigeration unit, and keeps your dough from shrinking back, and sticking to the upper platen. The upper heated platen could help you to activate yeast for fast proofing.


Dough press machine


Digital Temp and Time Control, and Adjustable Thickness

Features a digital control panel, you could control the temperature and time for the dough pressing process and adjust the thickness for the pizza dough you desired. The dough ball and the thickness setting will determine the size of the pizza crust. Have a clear idea about your pizza size and then to make this setting.

 Dough Press Machine


Procedure Recording Function Provides the Simple operation

The dough press machine features the procedure recording function, which mean you record a pizza press process, next time you just select this procedure, the machine will run the same process automatically. It really an affordable way to improve your production time. Set your temperature and thickness, pull down the handle, and a little time, then the dough press machine will always give you the best result.

 Pizza Dough Machine


It is a fast, safe, simple machine to make consistent pizza for your business. Unlike the sheeters, rollers, this dough presses machine requires no skilled labor, no age requirements. Compact countertop design, safe manual operation, easy cleaning, competitive price, feel free to contact us.