Combi Oven TT-CO20A by Twothousand Machinery is yet the best among combi microwave ovens in the market today. It’s now the new do-it-all appliance, which is widely used in commercial kitchen, cafes, hotels, restaurants, franchise, Western restaurants, schools, and hospitals.

This combi oven is also useful in cooking different Western and Chinese cuisines. This product offers great deal of seamless features that make extremely versatile and practical in catering your needs. It is now considered to be the very best alternative to grills and regular ovens.


Features of Combi Oven TT-CO20A
  1. It’s fully made of high quality stainless steel.

  2. All sides of its chambers adopt fillets in order to avoid contaminated wastes and for easier cleaning.

  3. It’s really convenient for cooking purposes because its heating tubes are highly-efficient and its warming speed is very fast.

  4. It features 4 modes that can be switched easily.

  5. Its needle mode allows for measuring and controlling temperatures of food.

  6. It has the capacity to store up to 99 recipes that you could apply and edit anytime.

  7. It also features a moisture-removing function that is great for baking.

  8. This combi oven is equipped with 2 double-locking doors that protect users from the heat of the gushing steam.

  9. Its auto cleaning function is designed for easy cleaning.

  10. It has a built-in cooker boiler that can produce great volume of steam that contributes mainly in cooking Chinese cuisines.

  11. It has a standard water softener to purposely clean water to prevent scale and for the purpose of prolonging its service life span.


Why use Combi Oven TT-CO20A?

There’s a lot of reasons why Combi Oven TT-CO20A is the leading and in demand combi oven in the market today. Aside from having amazing features, this product also has impressive selling points and that’s why more people and establishments are choosing to get the advantage of using it.

Big Output – It can produce bulk of outputs for commercial establishments and banquets, ensuring that every cuisine has tastes delightful.

Big Output of our combi oven
Versatile – Its multifunctionality achieves grilling, broiling, steaming, frying and simmering. 99 recipes can be saved and applied.

Versatile Combi Oven is your choose

Labor-saving – Just select its pre-set programs and it will do the rest of the work for you. It is easy to operate and can be switched to different modes easily.

Labor-saving is a big selling point of our combi oven

Timesaving – It has strong power, which only takes 45 minutes to simmer soup.

Timesaving will improve your effciency

Space-saving – It’s highly compact and can be installed anywhere inside crowded kitchens. Saves more space for customer area.

Space-saving of combi oven

Strong Body – Stainless steel body, robust design and rounded corners inside chambers for sanitation.

A very safe combi oven

Security – Doors lock automatically in two steps for releasing steam before opening. Glass door allows you to observe the cooking process. Its core probe allows you to monitor food temperature without opening the door.

A careful design to keep you safe when open the door of combi oven

Good Cooking Effect – Built-in boiler generates powerful steam. After using grilling, direct steam can be added. Direct steam backs up boilers. Direct steaming can be activated to generate steam. De-humidify function allows steam to be taken out while grilling is in use.

All food have good cooking effect with this combi oven

Self-cleaning Function – Equipped with a self-cleaning program and a high pressure shower for manual cleaning plus a water softener that reduces the build-up of calcium in the boiler.

This combi oven have self-cleaning function


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